About | Dianna Jaynes, LMFTDianna Jaynes

A natural part of what we do as human beings is reflect on where we are in our lives and the path that we’ve traveled. We take inventory along the way, seeking perspective on the choices and circumstances that have influenced and directed us. I spent 12 dedicated years as a high school psychology teacher, with a few moments moonlighting in the fashion, TV, and film industries. All of this has given me an incredible range of professional experiences to draw upon in my work as a therapist.

My greatest take-away from those years was not just the career experience. It was the everyday engagement and connection I experienced with people of all ages and backgrounds who trusted me enough to share their stories. This, coupled with progress I was making in my own therapy, led to a profound realization in my life. I knew my next step was to seek a deeper connection to people through becoming a therapist.

I love what I do. I feel honored to walk alongside my clients in this world, along their path, with a genuine curiosity and open-mindedness. I am reminded of this privilege each time I witness a client heal, grow and transform.

I hold an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute, a B.A. in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and am certified as a Level 1 LifeForce Yoga practitioner. LifeForce Yoga is a series of intentionally designed techniques designed to  work with and manage mood, and support clients in self-regulation.

My education and professional experience have given me the ability to work from various psychotherapeutic orientations. Cognitive-Behavioral, Existential and Narrative are the traditions I find my self most frequently utilizing with clients. I tailor how I work to best meet the individual needs, issues and goals of each unique client- there can be no one-size-fits all approach.

I have been privileged to offer therapy to children, adults and families since 2007 at community mental health clinics, drug and alcohol treatment centers, elementary and secondary schools, universities and in private practice. I have provided individual and family therapy and consultation for students with a variety of issues for the Glendale Unified School District and at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California.